Synthetic Grass that really means business

Synthetic Grass that really means business
Here's a breath of freshness for corporate interiors
Who ever said that work spaces should be stayed and conventional? Here's a company that's turning the status quo upside down, bringing the outdoors indoors with stunning accents of Belgotex Grass inside their office.
You can see that the interior architect at King Price's new offices had a lot of fun with this project. One of the key aspects to consider when redesigning interiors is texture, texture, texture. This open plan office space illustrates how artificial grass puts a big tick in the texture box, all in a fun whimsical way. And who would say "no" to a bit of fun in the office.
King Price's interior architect selected Belgotex's Leisure 20mm synthetic grass which works well in this context... a nod to the great outdoors is very refreshing, especially when you're spending one third of your life indoors behind a computer desk. 
This brand is constantly pushing the envelope, and it's reflected beautifully in their interior design. In fact, when our photographer arrived for this very shoot, he couldn't contain his surprise at this exceptionally non-corporate insurance office, uttering the words "What kind of sorcery is this?!” 
Belgotex's Leisure 20mm is part of Belgotex's wide range of artificial grasses, each of which is designed to meet the various needs of their customers. King Price chose this specific option as it has a medium leaf texture, it's highly versatile and has a soft texture that's ideal for landscaping.
Belgotex has a network of  highly-skilled fitters throughout South Africa, and the Belgotex Centurion team undoubtedly did this project justice. This particular installation was hardly run-of-the-mill, but it was a fun challenge for Belgotex Centurion. The result is truly spectacular. 
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