About Us

“We strive to be a world-class African brand show-case through the deep connection we share with our people, product and the planet”

36 Years of Experience

We Keep It Local.

Belgotex Grass is made in South Africa. We're really proud of that - it gives us an edge on quality.

In order to maximise production capacity and long term market sustainability, Belgotex extends the product offering to include Belgotex Grass for recreational and residential applications. Why import grass, when we can make it here?

Belgotex offers five types of flooring including carpet, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber. Our extensive portfolio guarantees high-quality floor covering solutions made with the latest technology.

Belgotex is the most experienced local manufacturer of synthetic turf in South Africa. With over 12 years of grass production knowledge and product development, we have developed a deep understanding of the market - customer lifestyles and their needs. Our vast technical capabilities allow us to produce a variety of yarn profiles, made for superior performance and authentic design appeal.

Belgotex Grass is the first locally manufactured artificial lawn, specifically designed to withstand the harsh UV-rays of the sunny South African climate. R20 million of Belgotex's upgrade went into tufting machinery and equipment to produce artificial turf ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

With advanced technical experience, the best technology and widespread distribution channels, Belgotex Grass is set to lead the market with the highest standards.

We Keep It Local

“Belgotex Grass is made in South Africa. We're really proud of that - it gives us an edge on quality.”

Edge on Quality